What's it like to work with me? 



Every artist, songwriter, and project is unique


Each time I work with an artist or writer, they have a certain goal they are looking to achieve. I'm here to help you create and record a great song, but I'm also here to help you accomplish what you're looking to do with the song after its been recorded. Regardless of where you are in the world and what you're looking to do, we can work together. 


For Artists:

I'll help develop one or more songs for you to release. If you have songs you've written, I can help choose the strongest ones and provide suggestions for edits. If you don't have songs I have outside writers that we can bring in to find songs that fit your style. After we have the final product I'll be here to help make the most of what we've created to maximize exposure and reach to your fans. 


For Songwriters:

I can help if you have a song you'd like to place with an indie artist or to have produced for demo purposes. Placing a song with an up and coming indie artist is a great way to showcase your work while you grow your repertoire.