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BRIDGING the gap between independent Artists and songwriters


MOST of our favorite songs are THE result of CREATIVE COLLABORATION & TEAM WORK


Artists need great songs and songwriters need talented artists to place their songs with. That's where I come in. I help sift through instrumentals and songs until we find the best fit for the artist. Together we'll develop the song from the start to finish. I'm here to produce, record and mix the track to best reflect the artist and writers unique voice and how they want to present themselves. As the creator of the 'Future Grammy Winners' Facebook group and having a network of collaborators, I help artists and songwriters reach larger audiences, connect with more fans, and provide support in reaching their specific goals for the music we create together. 


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"Bhauraw digs deep to provide you with what you are exactly looking for. He has an innate knack to build the perfect team to cater to your end goal. I couldn’t recommend him enough"

Olivia Cella

VRTIGO was everything we hoped he would be and went above and beyond in each song we worked on. His musicianship and ear for music is second to none and can be compared with any leading producer in the industry

Just 2


"Working with you is fun, open minded and organic. We take ideas from their very raw forms and slowly polish them up until they become something whole and complete"

Colleen Ryan



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